Communication. Accountability. Support. 

Decades of industry experience paired with our deep medical background and extensive business knowledge is how we have intentionally designed the Integra Service Model to specifically support and guide Medical Professionals, Legal Counsel, Claims Advisors as well as Employers and Unions. 

Our core consultation services include:

  • Second opinion and expert opinion review
  • Expert testimony preparation and delivery
  • Fitness to work and fitness for duty consultation
  • Consultation with family physicians for treatment and return to work planning
  • Disability case management and return to work planning
  • Hospital discharge consultations
  • In-home support services
  • Workplace review on ergonomic and/or physical and/or cognitive demands
  • Occupational medicine consultation with occupational health nurse or physician
  • Occupational contact tracing and COVID-19 risk assessment


Right now, many businesses are struggling to manage risks and liabilities while keeping afloat. Integra can help. We’ve developed a suite of COVID-19 resources designed to help you keep your team safe, informed, and productive through the pandemic, from our handy guidebook to full service occupational contact tracing. 


Integra’s first-hand understanding of how to best support health professionals is what shapes our commitment to providing you with the operational infrastructure, timely communication and specific resources you need to focus on delivering quality assessments and advancing your practice.


Integra maintains clear line of sight on the reason we are looking to create evidence informed outcomes.  We are here to provide the highest quality assessment reports, allowing people to move forward with their lives.


Integra has created a support and assessment model that has led the industry forward, creating a new level of accountability and transparent to support our claims advisor clients.


Integra’s experience and knowledge in navigating the complex world of occupational health means we can advise and guide you and your HR team, connecting you with the right experts in the process.