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Through the Integra Network, we are able to create, compile and develop unique reports, reviews, summaries and editorials to provide thoughtful perspective and objective views into cases, regulations, laws and case studies to help provide better informed conversations and outcomes. 

Our resources include articles, podcasts, webinars and informational graphics to help distill complex and layered information and are all organized by their main themes, which include: Legal, Medical, Insurance and Employer. 

Roy vs. TD Case

Insurance Company’s medical experts support Plaintiff’s claim for CAT determination. Judge awards benefits retroactively, plus…

Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Access Information: 

The majority of the questions and conversations we have are very unique and complex, however there are some simple and quick answers and pieces of information that we can share here. 

How long will my assessment take?
The duration of assessment really depends on the nature of your assessment, but please follow the below general guidelines:
  • Independent Medical Evaluation with Physician (MD) – 1-4 hours
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation – 4-8 hours
  • Vocational Assessment – 4-8 hours
  • Neuropsychological Assessment – 4-8 hours
  • Psychological Assessment – 4-8 hours
  • In Home Assessment – 2-4 hours
What should I wear to my assessment?
Generally, one should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. For assessments with a Vocational, Psychological, Neuropsychological or Psychiatry professional, there is no physical component to the assessment, however you should wear something that is comfortable to sit in for the duration of your assessment.
For Medical Examinations of a physical nature and for Functional Capacity Evaluations, please wear a short sleeved t-shirt or tank top, and loose-fitting pants or shorts.  For Functional Capacity Evaluations, you should also ensure you wear closed toe flat shoes, such as sneakers or sport shoes.
What are you doing to ensure I am protected during COVID-19?

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