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Why Choose an Integra In-Home Assessment?

An In-Home Assessment is conducted by an occupational therapist or other regulated health professional to understand how an individual functions in their home and determine the need for home modifications or renovations; adaptive devices such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs or ramps; and assistive devices to complete activities of daily living, housekeeping and home maintenance.

The assessment of the individual’s function within the home environment also allows for recommendations of suitable pacing strategies, adaptive behaviours, and tactics for remaining independent in their own environments. Family members and care givers may also be interviewed to solicit feedback on current function and the need for future accommodations.

The Integra Way

When you choose Integra for your In-Home Assessment, you will benefit from the knowledge of an experienced partner. We bring an extensive network of healthcare professionals who provide in-depth assessments.

At Integra, our goal is to connect you with the right expert (or experts) to ensure the ideal outcome. We guarantee thorough In-Home Assessments provided by professionals with the appropriate certification and training.