At Integra, we understand the complex world of occupational health and wellness. We support employers, unions and individual employees to find a clear path through challenging obstacles. The best result is one that helps people move forward.

Our goal is to help you and your team gain accurate information and insights that result in positive outcomes for all parties.


We have over 20 years of first-hand experience advising and guiding employers and unions through the process of finding and connecting with the right healthcare professionals and solutions to support you and your team.

We use our in-depth clinical and organizational experience to help you navigate challenging workplace health scenarios on both an individual and workforce basis. Integra provides complimentary consultation to employers.


We work with an extensive network of healthcare professionals with the appropriate training, credentials and experience to provide objective medical and functional assessments and sound advice. Whether you are looking for a return-to-work evaluation, pre-employment and fitness to work assessments, or general employee health and wellness services, Integra has your solution.

  • Fitness to Work Assessment
  • Employee Wellness Assessment
  • Pre-placement and Periodic Medical or Functional Evaluations
  • Post-Incident Assessment
  • Workers Compensation Appeal Assessment
  • Long Term Disability Appeal Assessment
  • Functional Capacity or Ability Evaluations
  • Individual Ergonomic Assessment
  • Cognitive Functional Assessment
  • Cognitive or Physical Job Demands Analysis
  • Claims Review Committee (CRC) Evaluation

Not sure what kind of assessment you need?


  • Post-Incident Medical Review
  • Health and Wellness Programming
  • COVID-Related Education (hyperlink to blog post), Advice and Support
  • Health and Wellness Education, Seminars (hyperlink to sleep hygiene video) and Support
  • Workplace Assessment and Design
  • Cognitive Physical or Ergonomic Assessment
  • Pre-Employment Design and Implementation Services


The health of your employees can determine the health of your business. At Integra, we’re passionate about supporting employee mental health and well-being. This includes our own team and yours.

We are excited to offer employee wellness assessments and consultation services to support HR, employers, and unions in the development of wellness programs that remove mental health stigmas and promote a healthy workplace environment.


Looking for advice or support with a case? Need to connect with a medical professional for assessment services? We’d love to hear from you.

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