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Integra and University Network Assessors Announce Merger 

Integra and University Network Assessors Announce Merger 

February 1, 2023 | Vancouver, BC  

Independent medical evaluation and professional consulting services firm Integra Medical Consulting (doing business as Integra) is pleased to announce that it has merged with University Network Assessors (UNA), a Toronto-based medical assessment firm.   

Integra and its ownership team have long been a major player across Canada in the medical assessment space, and the newly merged firm will continue operating under the Integra brand. Leadership from both Integra and UNA will remain closely involved in the company, and clients will experience a smooth transition. Integra founder and managing director Erica Enstrom and UNA’s founder and managing director Dr. Richard Goldford will remain in place as President and Vice President Clinical Services, respectively, at Integra.  

As Erica Enstrom from Integra notes, “Dr. Goldford and I have known each other for over a decade and respect each other’s knowledge and expertise, work ethic and personal accountability. I have no doubt that the combined efforts of our groups will bring a strength to the Integra brand that will be unmatched in the Independent Medical Evaluation marketplace. We look forward to striving for continued transparency, integrity and responsibility in our space.”  

Integra is known not only for their loyalty, integrity, and their client-centric approach to medical assessments, but they are also lauded by the medical professionals with whom they work for their ability to seamlessly handle all the administrative duties associated with assessments. With two physicians as co-founders, UNA shares this commitment to ensuring medical professionals focus primarily on being excellent clinicians, resulting in thorough and well-executed assessments.   

Dr. Goldford of UNA points out, “As founders of University Network Assessors, we have a longstanding professional relationship with Erica. The merging of the two companies is a natural evolution that will allow us to leverage Integra’s operational expertise with our roster of renowned university, research-based experts to provide authoritative opinions on matters of impairment and disability across Ontario and Atlantic Canada.”  

This merger will allow Integra and UNA respectively to further expand their reach into Ontario and Atlantic Canada, offering medical consulting services and assessments to legal professionals, insurance adjusters, employers, and unions. It will also increase the breadth of service offerings available to existing clientele from both companies.   

About Integra  

Integra guides and connects health, insurance, HR, and legal professionals to achieve positive, and evidence-informed outcomes that move people forward. With over 20 years of medical, legal, and assessment industry knowledge and experience, Integra brings integrity, insight, and respect to every aspect of their work and relationships with clients, partners, and employees.  

About University Network Assessors  

University Network Assessors is a medical assessment firm with a strong medical footing. Located in the hospital corridor of downtown Toronto, UNA is at the epicenter of medical innovation and research. Their roster of assessors is vetted for their strong practical experiences and involvement in researched-based, academic medicine. UNA is committed to excellence in coordination of independent medical exams for clients, experts and claimants.