Guidance. Accountability. Support. 

Integra is proud to be a trusted partner to so many members of the Women’s Legal Forum and we look forward to forging and creating new relationships with all of you. Our success stems from never losing sight of the why we are all looking to create evidence-informed positive outcomes – we are here to provide the highest quality assessments that allow people to move forward with their lives. 


Our assessment service model is focused on delivering more than just a summary. We provide both objective, accurate information as well as subjective notes and insights to produce a full picture of each case that ensures the integrity of our recommendations and guidance.


Our business is thoughtfully designed to ensure that information related to files, cases and assessments is accurate, reviewed and shared in a timely manner to support informed and positive outcomes. 


Our experience and knowledge provide us with the ability to support your law practice in ways you can appreciate. Our workflow mirrors your timelines, bringing forward alerts and messages with a view to assisting you with your priorities. We provide further value by thoughtfully evaluating your file needs and advising on the best match for each of your cases. Our experts are highly skilled and always trial tested.

Support means treating you like more than a transaction and investing in our relationship.

We Are Here to Support You and Your Legal Team.

With deep experience, clinical guidance, local ownership and transparent pricing, together we can ensure positive and evidence informed outcomes for all stakeholders.