During this time of physical distancing, Integra has initiated the use of telemedicine to conduct assessments, or portions of assessments, where appropriate. Telemedicine Assessments (t-IMEs) minimize the physical interaction required between individuals, reduce the necessity to attend to or time required when interacting at our facilities, and encourage the health and safety of examinees, medical professionals, Integra staff, and our communities at large by enhancing physical distance between people.

We encourage clients to take advantage of the use of Telemedicine Assessments (t-IMEs) and the available technology to perform components of, or where appropriate, entire assessments.

Integra currently uses three different telemedicine platforms to conduct Telemedicine Assessment for Independent Medical Examinations (t-IMEs)

  • Adracare
  • Zoom

All three of these platforms are HIPPA compliant and provide a secure connection through use of encryption and passwords.

For your Telemedicine Assessment, interview, or meeting with Integra’s health professional you will need the following:

  • A mac, PC, tablet, or any smart phone with Internet connection
  • Google Chrome or Firefox browser installed on your device
  • A good Internet connection

** Make sure you give your browser permission to access your camera and microphone **

Integra will contact you between 5 business days and 2 business days prior to your t-IME via email and/or phone based on the information provided to us by the referring party.

We will supply you with an invitation link for your Telemedicine Assessment.

At the time of the assessment, once you click on the invitation link, you will be taken to a new page in your browser.

When at this new page, you will be prompted to either enter your name, wait to be admitted or start the call, depending on the platform.

Our Integra staff member will arrange to do a pre-call test with you to ensure your camera and microphone are working while you wait for the medical professional.