COVID-19 UPDATE: Examples of Safe Work Practices Using the COVID-19 Hierarchy


  • Have only critical workers return to the worksite.
  • Adopt staggered hours so that fewer individuals are within the same pre-COVID-19 workspace.
  • Encourage off peak time commutes to reduce physical interactions on transit.
  • Turn in-person meetings into video meetings or phone calls.


  • Put up moveable plexiglass between customer interface locations.
  • Make use of physical infrastructure such as ropes, floor dots, and pylons to delineate spaces.
  • Use every second location for customer interactions (think retail, financial, grocery locations.)
  • Create separation by moving waiting room chairs, changing retail displays, or allowing business by appointment only (closed until open.)
  • Direct single point entrance and exit points to encourage single direction traffic.
  • Separate workstations to ensure a minimum six feet between employees.
  • Turn desks 90 degrees in shared spaces to have side to side interaction between employees.


  • Wash hands frequently and make use of electronic reminders for frequent hand washing.
  • Make hand sanitizer available to all in work locations.
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces, appoint employees to be responsible, and have a check list.
  • Minimize exchange of cash by encouraging the use of debit and credit machines.
  • Make use of frequent signage to encourage social distancing, hand washing, cough hygiene etc.
  • Encourage higher standards for daily cleaning with your subcontractors.
  • Appoint a physical distancing coach who monitors and encourages physical distancing habits.


  • Encourage anyone in your work space – customers, clients, employees – to wear a cloth mask LEARN MORE
  • Save surgical and N95 masks for health care workers or where aerosolized virus can occur.